Once Upon a Time there was a sickly little robot, who would watch children play, and dream of one day playing too…

Then a miracle occurred… a video game system came to live with the little robot. For the first time in her short life, the little robot was not bound by an ailing body. Technology gifted her a new universe full of dreams, where she could become a mighty warrior, a strong adventurer, and an energetic puzzle solver.

The little robot realized she was made for software design and digital entertainment, so from that day forth, she followed her heart and pursued her passion.


Products & Projects

Time, Talent & Budget

Lovey’s Other Loves

Future Tech. XR. AR. VR. Interactive Realtime Collaboration Technologies.

Robot Friends, Companions & Protectors. Bot Assistants. Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning.

Parapsychology, Anomalous Research, NDE/SDEs, Quantum Mechanics.